Is online gambling legal in Canada?

A question some Canadians are asking them selves’ as they discovery more and more internet gambling sites. With over 1,800 online gambling sites worldwide, being reported as of 2003 by the U.S General Accounting office, many Canadians have confidence that online casinos and gambling online is lawful and permissible by their federal government.

For quite some time now online gambling has been one of those grey areas when it comes to being legal or not. In fact the majority of Canadians believed it to be legal. A survey done in 2010 by Ipsos Reid found that a mere 23% of those surveyed knew that online gambling was illegal in Canada. This is in part due to the fact that few are ever convicted of a crime or fined for doing online gambling so many are left questioning themselves about the legalities of engaging in online gambling sites. Currently the Canadian government has no explicit law against participants in internet gambling. However, that being said, the conventional casinos in Canada are regulated by its providence so, one may assume that any casino not regulated by a Canadian providence could be subjected to consequences seen fit by the Canadian federal government such as being charged for being found in a “common betting house”.

Even after learning that online gambling is illegal many wish that it was not so. The study done by Ipsos showed that a little over half (55%) of Canadians surveyed would like to see online gambling legalized so long as federal regulations were imposed on the internet casinos. Although, at the present time Canadians are not going to be able to participate in internet gambling because the laws of the Canadian government can still hold individuals accountable for online gambling practices even if the laws are not clearly stated.

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