What is the age requirement for playing at online casinos?

Although online casinos can provide endless hours of risky fun for many, there is generally an age restriction applied in many countries that limits this fun to those above said age. It is important to check up on the legal age to gamble online and the different laws between various countries in order to stay away from any trouble that can result from a seemingly innocent activity.

In the United States, online gambling is generally considered illegal and can be dealt with through various federal punishments and fines. However, there are still ways to gamble online in the United States and although illegal, these websites still impose an age limit of 21 throughout the country. Anybody under the age of 21 cannot gamble online in the United States, and all citizens should refrain from the practice due to its near universal illegality in the country.

In the United Kingdom, the online gambling age is set at 18 years old. While the country imposes this limit at 18, it is still smart to check up on various websites different codes of conduct to ensure that they do not impose a different age limit. If you are gambling in the UK on a website that has its headquarters in a different country, for example, they have to impose a higher age limit of 21 in order to comply with the rules in which they are stationed.

Overall, online gambling is usually limited to those between the ages of 18 to 21 and over. Checking up on the exact websites rules as well as the rules of the country you reside in can ensure a safe experience that does not interfere with the law. Remember, its always best to find a legal gambling website than to run into trouble by ignoring the law.

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