Fraudulent Online Casinos

Dealing with online casinos can be a frustrating thing. The beauty with online gaming when it comes to the casino owner is they don’t have to see you face to face. They have a computer screen that they are protected behind and are for the most part completely anonymous. This provides all the opportunity in the world to take advantage of customers and the ability to cheat people out of their money.

It is difficult to discern between legit online casinos and those that are there simply to scam you and hopefully take your money. One good way to do this is to reliably check online reviews of casinos and websites. Now this isn’t always reliable as anyone can post a review that appears legitimate, including the websites themselves in an attempt to boost customer approval. Don’t get yourself wrong, these websites can and absolutely will post fake reviews of their sites or services to fool you into becoming comfortable with the site. Therefore it is important to research the site from a handful of forums and blogs that will give an overall better review and oversight to the company that you are considering dealing with.

A major problem with detecting certain sites that are fraudulent is the fact that these sites pop up and are gone at such a rate that it is hard to keep track of which sites are legit and which are not. I have logged in the past hundreds of scamming websites that want nothing more then you to enter your credit card information with the intent on stealing your money. A Few of these sites include Winpalace and Highnoon casino. These two sites attract you in with promises of high winnings and an assortment of games to play. However, there have been loads of reviews on these sites in particular that claim they were scammed out of money in a variety of ways on these sites. Some claim that the games are rigged, and others claim that they were never paid off or received any information regarding this lack of payment from the site operator. They were simply out of luck, and it is relatively hard to see this coming when dealing with online casinos. I could go on and list dozens of websites to stay away from, but the truth of the matter is by the time you read this, these sites have a good chance of not being functional sites anymore. A lot of fraudulent online casinos operate with the intention of not being around for a long period of time.

This allows the owner of the site to open and close sites on a frequent basis in an attempt to avoid suspicion and reports from other customers. Unfortunately once a site is closed down, the same people who were duped before are thrown into the pot of people who can be fooled by the new site popping up, especially based on the fact that they are most likely searching for a new site. The best way to avoid falling victim to one of these scamming sites is to do your research on reviews. Make sure you check a variety of sources and really try to decipher real reviews from fake ones. Companies promoting their sites generally go into to great of detail praising their sites. The bottom line is do your homework, and do not invest too much money into the initial stages of dealing with an online casino.

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