How to play Roulette Online

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Online roulette is now becoming increasingly popular. The term “roulette” actually refers to a small wheel with nearly 38 uniquely numbered partitions. These partitions are alternately shaded in red and black with number 1 to be traditionally red. One of the partitions is colored green and is treated with a value of zero. Before splurging in online casinos, you should keep in mind that online roulette does not work identical everywhere. Some casinos may impose new and modified rules that should be identified to guarantee fair and profitable gaming.

The game of online roulette starts by players betting on digits, combinations, range, and shades. Wagering and winning for one digit gives the winner 36 times more than the cost of the ticket to bet. There are a very particular set of factors that players should always take into account prior playing online roulette. For starters, they should be adept in their ability to focus with the background noise.

Players should also be skilled in switching table animations on and off. If this is not implemented vigilantly, the wheel will only come to a full stop after some length of time, which could be annoying for you and the other players. You should also be able to play fast. Being a newbie is not a good enough excuse to slow down a table. Lastly, players should be equipped with the skills to spin the wheel to their advantage without placing any wagers.

The aim is to guess the winning number that the Roulette wheel will stop on. You can place your bet on a number, on a series of numbers, a combination of numbers, colors, or the number category (even or odd).

A player new to the wheel must study the board to have a good understanding of all the options available that he can place his bet on.

The difference between the American Roulette wheel and the European one, is that the American has an additional slot “00” (double zero) that does not exists on the European board. The board is divided into two sections, the inner section which is the main layout, and the outer section that allows players to bet on colors, series, even or odd numbers.Inner section of the board allows the player to bet upfront on a single number or on a combination of numbers.

The options are:

Straight up bet: the player may choose to take his chances by betting on a single number. If luck strikes then he wins in a ratio of 35:1

Split Bet: takes his chances by placing the chips on two numbers; a win fetches a 17:1 return.

Line Bet or Street Bet: puts his stakes on a particular row, the chip must be placed on the vertical line that serves as an edge between the inner and outer section, if it turns out in the players favor he gets 11 times of what he bet.

Corner Bet or Quad Bet: places the chip on the intersection of four numbers. A lucky chance gives 8 folds extra.

Basket bet is when he chooses to play on five numbers, 0, 00, 1,2, and 3, the outcome in the players favor gets a six times greater amount.

Double street bet: wages on six numbers (two rows), the chip is to be placed on the vertical line as in the street bet, and if it goes well it pays five times more.
Outer section of the board allows players to lay his bet on number series, colors, or betting on an odd or even number.

The options are: Red color, black color, the probability of landing on a odd number, the probability of landing on an even number, the series of first twelve number, the second series of twelve number, the third series of the following twelve numbers, the series of 1 to 18 number , the series of 19 to 36 numbers and the three columns tagged “2 to 1.” All these bets have a 2:1 payout if things work out in the players favor.

A play should survey all roulette tables, before choosing one to play at. Skim the board displaying house rules; make sure he notices, the minimum and maximum amount of money, players can bet on a particular table. He should bear in mind that the defined limit relates to either, the main roulette number layout (inside boxes) or the outer section. If the game rules allow and if he chooses to lay bets on both the sections at a time, he may need, at least, twice the amount of the minimum limit mentioned.

The player should then take a seat on the table; that suits his pocket the best, request the attendant to change money into chips.

He can then place bets by putting chips on his lucky numbers, number combinations, or any of the above mentioned option; before rolling, the attendant will give a final call, after which any chips place would be disqualified.

The play must get the chips cashed, once he’s done. The chips are valid only at the roulette wheel and no where else at the casino.

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